Question Time

The panellists – Helen Flynn (Liberal Democrat), TBC (Conservative), Andrew Dennis (UKIP), Grieg Sharman (Green) and Kevin McNerney (Labour)

We will take questions from the audience as the audience arrives. The questions could be about local issues, or about national issues.

Unlike other Harrogate Debate events, there will not be a vote before or after but the event is still being chaired by Professor John Adams MBE.


Harrogate Debate is a non-profit organisation, all money goes towards further debates. Everyone is welcome to attend the event.

You vote twice during the event, once when you enter and, then, after the speakers have given you more information, you vote again. The votes are counted before and after to see how many people change their minds.

Previous events include “EU: In or Out”, “This House believes the time has come to legalise assisted dying” and “Is Religion a Force for Good in the World”.